Kirsten photographing Galápagos Islands tortoises which often have lifespans in the wild of well over 100 years.

Kirsten photographing Galápagos Islands tortoises which often have lifespans in the wild of well over 100 years.

The earth is art, the photographer is only a witness.
— Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Kirsten Fenton’s art and photography is inspired by the day-to-day beauty that surrounds her noting details in the environment that often go unnoticed or are simply taken for granted. With a deep appreciation for life - people, places, things, experiences - her timeless work documents every inch of her world with her camera. She evokes emotion, prompts questions, and presents alternate perspectives. 

Self-portraiture is a primary passion which she uses as a type of therapy allowing her to document the ebb and flow of her personal journey. Photographing animals and nature is another therapeutic form of photography that feeds her soul; this is done while she regularly takes part in what is called ‘forest bathing’. For her, being in nature is being at home; nothing can compare to the healing energy from the earth. The sound of the sea, the singing of birds, the rustling of trees, the warmth of the sun, the freshness of the air and rich soil beneath the feet.  Through her personal art, Kirsten illustrates the euphoria attained from being within her spiritual element. 


Kirsten’s primary focus with portraiture is human connection which she believes is what makes the best images stand out from the average. Lighting, composition, and color palette are always important; but a good portrait is truly a window into the soul, a gateway into a culture capturing a glimpse in a moment in time. Kirsten’s experience in front of the lens as well as behind it allows her to understand exactly what her subject is feeling. To make creative fine art portraiture that says something about her subject takes time, it is for this reason that Kirsten’s photography work will never be the ‘photo factory’ business that many portrait photographers have. Her process results in astonishing portraits that can be considered part of a family’s most treasured heirlooms.  Kirsten has recently relocated to Palm Springs, California and is excited to have launched a new portrait business in the area.

For examples of portrait work, see portfolios: Soul Captures and Figure Study.

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